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F.E.L.V & F.I.V negative cattery


2nd March 2007


Welcome to my website


I first started in 1988, owning a Red Shaded Cameo, Hatuli Arturo Iian, (2pcs).

I started showing for fun, and to see the difference between cat shows and dog shows, having bred and shown  Golden Retrievers since 1981.

I fell in love with the longhaired Silver Tabbies, and purchased my foundation queen Hatuli Silver Tiffany (2ccs) in 1989, and since then I've had a lot of fun and modest success with both my Silver Tabbies, and Colourpoints, my highlight having bred Grand Champion Hollymead Silver Cracker, and grand Premier Hollymead Silver Fox (Silver Tabbies)

My future plans are to breed Exotic Shorthairs and Persians, in the silver series.

Please contact

Carole White

Tel. 01162214188 or 01162661065

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Please visit our Winners page, and view the "Roll of Honour"


E-mail Carole at Hollymead


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