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  Show achievements of the Hollymead cats and Kittens.

Gr Ch Hollymead Silver Cracker (Silver tabby)

Gr Pr Hollymead Silver Fox (Silver tabby)

Ch Hollymead Silver Lovebug (Silver Tabby)

Ch Hollymead Silver Diamond (Silver Tabby NBIS )

Ch Hollymead Silver Star (Litter sister to Cracker)

Ch Adraylo Yankee Doodle (Silver tabby, sire of 8 title holders, inc Gr winners)

Ch Hollymead Chichi (Seal Tabby Colourpoint)

Ch Berosa Emmeline (Blue-cream Colourpoint, 1 Gr cc and 1 Res Gr

Ch Suzelle Misty Blue ( Blue pt Colourpoint)

Gr Ch Jedidiah Calypso (Silver tabby Exotic, overall B.I.S. Winner)

Hatuli Silver Tiffany (Silver Tabby, 2 ccs)

Noradawn Izzyadorable (Lilac Self, 2 ccs, NBIS)

Hollymead Silver Guinevere (Silver Tabby 1 cc)

Hollymead Aphrodite (Seal-Tortie Colourpoint, 1cc)

Hollymead Mister Bumble (Seal Tabby pt, 1cc, litter brother to Chichi)

Adderlo Silver Labitha (Silver tabby 1cc)

Lilypurr Hot Gossip (Red Mackerel Tabby & White Exotic, 1cc)

Hatuli Artuto Ilan (Red Shaded Cameo 2 pcs)

Jedidiah Heavy Metal (Silver tabby Exotic, Best in Show Kitten)

          Grand Premier Hollymead Jazz Dancer  (Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair)

 Premier Hollymead Silver Gala (Gained Reserve Grand Premier Certificate and BOB at The National Cat Club show on 9th December 2006)